Expedition Amazon 2017

August 2017, four brave people went to the Amazon Rainforest for two months on the journey of a lifetime. Johan Dempers (48), Joe Brooks (79), Muldene Holloway (32) and Hennie van Rooyen (45) started their adventure to this wild and remote place with adrenalin running high throuhg their bloodstreams.

Introduction Video taken before the two month expedition.

In 2002 Johan Dempers (33) and Joe Brooks (64) went on a six month photographic expedition to Peru and the Amazon Rainforest. They rowed just over a 1000km’s on a tributary of the Jurua river in an indian dugout. They slept on the river banks and ate piranhas and lentils when they could find some. Here is a short video clip putting that journey into a nutshell.