Moscow, St Petersburg, Arctic Circle


Join us on a historical and adventurous trip to the north! This will be your most unforgettable experience including majestic cathedrals, Red Square, the Kremlin, painting and art by Masters like Leonardo da Vinci at the Hermitage and more! We spend a few days in the Polar North of Russia, see the Northern Lights, go on Husky & Reindeer sleigh rides and travel by Snowmobile. You will enjoy traditional food and last but not least jump into the snow after a very hot and relaxing Banya! You will return home with a lifetime of memories and new friends.

Included in this tour:


Kremlin, St Basils Cathedral, GUM Centre, Moscow Metro, Izmaelovo Market

St Petersburg

Catherine’s Palace, walking on frozen lake, walking city tour


Husky Sleigh, Tundra, Reindeer Sleigh riding, Snow mobile ride, Aurora Borealis hunting (Northern Lights), Lovozero fishing village, Lenin Icebreaker, Banya – the craziest experience you can ever have in Russia. You enter a steam room and warm up to the bone, get a Burch tree massage and go and jump in the snow or in an ice water pit!

We do exciting expeditions and adventures across the globe. For all photographers, adventurers or anybody interested in sharing these extraordinary experiences with us.

Please inquire regarding any tour you are interested in. We are not afraid of anything.


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