WW2 Historical Tour

Southern Germany

July 2020 – 12 Day Tour

An exciting “Time Traveller” tour back in history. Visit unique places and find out more on the history and beginning of the Second World War. See Hitler’s birth house, the famous “Eagles Nest” mountiain top retreat, the Worlds most famous tavern, the Hofbräuhaus, the infamous Dachau concentration camp and the cities of Munich, Linz and so much more. Guided by an experienced & knowledgeable tour guide.


We do exciting expeditions and adventures across the globe. For all photographers, adventurers or anybody interested in sharing these extraordinary experiences with us.

Please inquire regarding any tour you are interested in. We are not afraid of anything.


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t: 021 300 1118

Johan Dempers: 082 394 3742

Muldene Holloway: 0722 505 949

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